flipped up

Ljiljana and I headed to the city.  To arrive in time, prompt. 

to a perverted place, not sexually.

but by personality.

and a man, rushed by, gruff.  Wearing a cloud of cologne.

left us standing, outside, waiting, ... and waiting is the worst thing to do to me.... cause I can't see the end.

I turned to my wife, her shivering, and said lets go home.

We did.

this place, the Hop Sing Laundromat, it has a feature, all these pennies facing down, but one, it faces up,

and that's done so you'll look for it.

I'm a bit scared of the Hilly Billy race, today I rode 69.8 miles to see how it feels.

at mile 58 I sat, and drank a coke and a bottle of water, ate a toasted bagel, from the food cart park at the exit point of wissahickon.   I listened to the water, over the stones,  I a bit burnt.  and each time I came to an end of a thought, the sound and volume of the water, it seemed to change.

Lee, the cologne cloud from hop sing asked what he could do to make it up to me,....  well really there is nothing, Ljiljana had a nice night, It wasn't dependent on his hole.  So while sitting, as the water rolled by, I thought I'd throw myself a 50th birthday party.  8-22  and I'd ask Lee to attend. that's what I'd like from the cologne cloud. 

We will do shots, all my friends.

the last bit of my ride, my tire grew soft, the rear. I just stood, put my weight over the front, and pedaled home.  

I knew I was short of 70.

cheers, david.

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