nothing better than to look at the world a bit, stop a bit, sip coffee, drink beer, sit in the sun.
I do a bunch of riding by myself, 

This ugly behind the gas station Stop and Shop is one of my favorite places to chill.
Got a big ride in, some 85 miles or so.  about 60 miles in I like to stop here.  Hit up the bathroom, refuel, snacks, candy, coke.
The temp. was in the mid 40's,  but back here in the sun, almost 75.
I took off my shoes, and leaned back.
Then pounded the pedals back to philly.

Last night I hit up the Points race.  I'd gotten home from work around 4:30, took care of the home chores and it hit me, go try the points race.   I rode over to the course.   A short course run in the dark and few street lights.  It was a bit unsettling to ride in a fast moving pack, following wheels in the dark, but I caught on.   Its nice, the first time blowing out the legs a bit.   I felt good, and had fun.

The sprint line is up the drive to the Macpherson house Mount Pleasant.  To most just another old building, not to me, I've toured it a couple of times, and always like to sit out back, when I get a chance and enjoy the view.   So that's what I did last night before the ride started.      I've heard names and history stories as a kid, like the ones about Benedict Arnold, ... he lived in Mount Pleasant in the 1799's--

I tried to imagine the overlapping of the two worlds.  Arnold coming out the front door of his house, sitting on the steps, sipping a brandy and watching the gear restricted sprints, of the points training race.

cheers, d.

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