kartoshka - the Chocolate Potato

I grew up eating things outta cans, cardboard boxes and frozen plastic bags.  I am american.   What was modern, quick fixes.   and gotta away from eating simple, fresh foods.

When I was a kid, I'd get sent to my Grandparents house in W.Va, to spend a week or two.  It was funny eating garden fresh food, I felt a bit sorry for my grandma, and grandpa. Having to eat things coming outta the ground, dirty and all.  

Yesterday a friend, took me to a Russian supermarket, and I enjoyed it, a lot.  cause... fricken,  a bunch,.. it was full of new interesting things to eat.       Bought some pickles, breads, and some sweets for my wife.  I try to find different things, and this place was full of them.

I got something call the Chocolate Potato,  it did not look too much like a potato,  it was dense and thick, a bit sweet.   a cool name.

Our furnace broke last night, a bit cold in bed this morning, I pulled the covers from my wife... I thought she'ed pulled 'um from me.  today  I wasted a lot of  time.    Looking out the window,... thinking about riding, and not being able to get out.   Stuck waiting for the heater to get fixed.

The house is warm again.
and on to  making  sandwiches with the black, dense Russian bread, I bought.   A snack,  for the rest break, in tomorrows Phils. spring classic. 

cheers, be simple, be good, taste good, d.

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