I went out to a small club in phila, to see a women that is on the rise.  Sharon Van Etten.   I've been working on honing my photoskills and tried my best to capture something.   I found that I did a poor job of bringing home a good shot, from her show, but I did come back with something to add, to help me in the future.

I learned that during the set-up, the lights are up bright, that the performance guard is down, and the stage is full of energy as the band, sets up and readies itself to play.

the first band, tired from a 14hr drive, had lines drawn, a bit of stink eye between the bass player and the Keyboard/guitarist, in fact the whole of the band was giving the dude the eye.

Shearwater played a tight good show,  but watching the sub-show inter dynamics was, More interesting.

I was surprised to see the whole of the Sharon Van Etten band out setting themselves up,  I thought a roadie would be doing the work.

 at one point Sharon had to get pass her bandmate, she gently slid behind her, and gave a calm touch and moved pass.

I guess why I do all this blogging and photo taking and bike racing and working, is to pull something different from each of the aspects in my life,... to overlap the motivation to hit the gym, with tying to take a picture that is in focus and has some kind of emotion or meaning to it, with sitting down for a nice dinner out with my wife. 

Cheers, david.

a lot of people need to check their phones right before the show starts

oh and the dude next to me, was cool, and shot this video of the show, told me of his YT link and here ya go, check her out

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