its been a while,... since I sat down with a pile of magazines, fanzines, xeroxed pages, a J-card.  something printed.    Sorta wish I was into the comic book thing.

its nice to hold a book, a magazine.  it has a texture, a smell.   I dontknow why, guess I got that impulse, and I ordered a pile of Boneshaker's.  Mailed from the UK.  I  liked the name, and am tired of reading stuff on the internet.  I sat in a chair, listen to music, sipping a beer, thumbing the pages.  
they are spot on. good buy

Yesterday I got out and did all I wanted to do on my cross bike, I put together all the trails I ride around my house, and did it all.  45 miles.

My daft book:
for ideas catching, nice size, good feel.  Pro-ish, and cheap.

cheers, d.

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