Stones - Cate Le Bon

tonight, a good magical night.  Just a small bar, a phila. old bar redone, moderned a bit.  With music and a few dirty taps of good beer.  

small crowd, to see the show.  Cate Le Bon.  
a great show, I walked up to the stage front and stood and watched her play, sing, and took what I could as far as pictures go.

Cate Le Bon  "The Man I Wanted"

I was quite happy with the night.  for the most part.
being a small bar, I did, or could, if I pleased, had a chat with Cate.

let alone in regular circumstance I'm quite a bit unfocused in conversations,
now, trying to be a bit off the cuff, and a bit haggered from a few beers and earlier trainer ride
the words and thoughts came out, um, not making much sense.
and the logic of my words,... as if someone ripped a few pages here and there outta the book.
who knows what I said, but no harm, I did not scare her, and she was gracious enough to step out into a snowy philly night
and give me a second or two
so as I could take a picture of two.

Its late, I hear the wind, and think of tomorrow, and maybe I should not of cracked that black IPA I am a sipping.

Its been a nice few days...
spot on.


matt hamm said...

Great shot of her outside! Sounds like you had a great night.

d.lowe said...

was a nice weekend, don't get out much to see live music, let alnoe two nights in a row. Sorry you could not make the show. Thinking, maybe Zola Jesus at the Union Transfer Friday. Cheers!