bits - more bits

I've always got multiple projects going on, some in real the sense and more in the idea sense,
up in the old noggin, rumbling about.  The follow through, that's the challenge, ... to do.

I got a gopro awhile ago, not shot much with it.  I guess, well I find, that most of the time I just want to jump on the bike and ride, not worry or think about mounting a camera, and remembering to record stuff.   A draw back for the gopro, to me, is the plastic mounts.   I found a couple of nice, but a bit more $$, Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum  parts, made by K-edge.    They are sexy looking, and do a great job of mounting up the camera on to the bike.

 Last Sunday I got out for a ride with Arthur Gorka.  I ride out my front door, to the trails,

Got a good ride in...
 and grabbed an double espresso, a stout, and truffled eggs and toast on the way back to home.

I grabbed some beers, and just sat down and used Sony Vegas 11 to edit the footage.   Never used it before, worked great for this simple edit.

I keep peeking at the weather and trying to plan my riding.  A bit of snow tonight?  I pulled out the cross bike and getten' it going, might be the stead for tomorrow.   get the camera all clamped on today, less to do tomorrow.  

cheers, d.


Anonymous said...

great video. where are those singletrack trails?

d.lowe said...

Wissahickon. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks. I thought wiss would've been more crowded. I need to check it out. Looks fun.