I sat in the easy chair last night, with a book, I finished and moved on from Joe Parkin's Come & Gone to Charles Bukowski's Portions From A Wine-Stained Notebook.  I've almost read everthing CB's written.  Some good stuff in this book, other stuff, not so good.   and I've got the Touch and Go "The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-83 Book as an inbetweener to read also.

I turned out the lights and just listened to an Album (more listening to the Tokyo Police Club), then went to bed, sorta early.

at the end of the ride today, in the good drizzle, I saw a horse, and went to say "Howdy".
he had quite a personality and would not hold still for a photo.  He smelled good and rich, the deep type of smell: coffee grounds, peanut shells, truffles,locker room.

When I whatcha a race, cross racing, I love to watch the early races, the C's.  I like to look in the faces of the riders, in the eyes, they are not empty, they are full, that is my fuel.
cheers. dlowe.

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