De Mestral


I need to get up.  I need a beer.  I left the rolling cooler full of ice and pbr's out on the porch. 

grass track is done.  the crashing, the nipping, the beers, the end of summer heat.  Grass track did not make my lt level better, or my legs stronger.  More.   It went straight to my soul.  The field. a great group of riders, it all seemed so easy, the dust and August heat. 

Tonight's a night where I don't have to get up to work tomorrow, tomorrow is a day I'll be workin on the tubulars, and looking at start list.   ---Think how to ride, ---to ride... within my means, relaxed at my maximum effort.   Cross gives me something that it does not give anyone else.  Its my own.

Cheers!  dlowe.

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