ok, de Mestral is a Swiss guy who invented velcro.  Last night was grass track.  My tires struck in the corners like velcro.   and I battled the swiss riders.  There.

Kelly Kline's Grass Track from Geronimok on Vimeo.

I did not get to talk to Geronimo yesterday.  but during one of the races I thought I was going to take him out in the hard corner, about 4:10 into the video.  He slid left and gave me a hole. 

I feel good, strong, relaxed.  Whatever cross brings this year, it will be good.  

Thanks to all the people who took pictures, and to Geronimo K for the video.   To be all sentimental, I'll remember those grass track nights as a really special time.    

Cheers, to the do gooders!  dlowe.

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