V is for stupidity

like the upward two finger salute,  all I tried to do was pull an annoying long, loose, grass weed, from the hub of my front wheel.   Seemed fine, rolling along dangling catiouslly and ready to pinch.  Instead of a pull out, in went my hand, and to a complete stop, wedged like a snapping turtle.   The suddeness and the stupidity on my part I sprung up as a punch drunk fighter, ready to roll on.

too much damage, not much physical, a bit of an adrenaline fog embarassment.   Two shreded spokes, and a way out-a-line wheel, a slow roll home. 

I don't have much patients for healing, or respect for pain. 

I shared wonderful birthday cupcakes with Lee, My birthday.
a home made card.
a dinner.
and a penguin Polo shirt.
Quite nice.

Cheers, don't be stupid. d.

 charles and ms pumpkin

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