I was quite inspired by my conversation with Hope last night, but I've given up trying to put it into blogger terms, so heres a "letter" I sent befor hitting the hay.
"How’d was your weekend. I’m a bit tips-yed. Helped george make cement and repair his front porch, Nice. Fixxed up a spat between Lee and I, pffft, good. And road over to the mann to sipp some beer and listen to MGMT. Hope was hovering at my bench. This mis-guided sorta lost winnonna like girl. Sat and chatted with hope. Was strange. Then road home through a dope-heavy thug party picnic, like apocalypse now scene. Weed smells so good. The thugs let me go, and the music was good. Now to bed. Cheers! d. "

not much I can add to that.  I can't decide if I believe in "hope" or if its a wasted effort, and you make your "hope". 

grass track tonight was nice, Joe Wentzel supplied some cold PBR's, a good turn out, strong racing, and the mingling afterward again shows me, that the love of the Cross Effort makes good people.

I want to race in white socks, I'll need lots of fresh, crisp, new socks.  For the pre-ride warm up, and a new pair for the starting line.  I'm thinking maybe  40 or 50 pairs would get me through the season.  I'll just use the old ones in practice.
cheeers, dl.

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