as my friends went in circles on the grass I was driving home from work.
walking up the driveway to our house I could here a faint Spoon playing, a big gust of wind carried enough of a song for me to recognize.
George joined me on short notice.  We made it to the bench, pulled the cork on the wine and poored a cup.

Arcade Fire, we listened, and sat quiet for the recording of a whole song.  but in the end, they were background music for our Gabbing.
Untitled from David Lowe on Vimeo.

early already, I've looked at the pre-reg list.  Is there a place I can push my fear and intimadated apprehension?  some place that will make me a stronger rider?
I'm just going to jump into the fast moving currents and swim as hard as I can, some way I'll make it to the other side.
With nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear.
Wine in a Red Cup.

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