I have my own course, my turf.
It takes me about 5mins. to do a hot lap.

Today after a couple of asprins, I headed out into the wind, to do just that, hot laps.

Its got a pile of dumped wood. Bottles, Ruts, Sand, Cement benchs, straight paved empty paths.  A lot of open space, nice greeness.

3 sets x 4 laps

I was lucky, a rain fell just as I started my sets.

I seem to be riding well and feeling speedy, who knows, till I meet up on a real course, and go head to head.
and we each bring our laps to the table.
I have in my mind, strong in my mind, that its a long season.
The more I enjoy the ride, the faster I'll go.
cheers, speedy d.

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