average avenger

No one gives you a problem at the liquor store.  We all know why we are there, and what we need.  
and we are considerate of each others needs, cept for the holidayers.  Red cuppers, the hooters and piggy back riders, the ones who we are lucky to know are the minority of the liquor store. 
I am an average avenger.
I will be the best average guy I can be.
I accept that.
and am proud of it.
I am trying to stop searching for the antagonist, but have started looking more for that common nod, standing in the WaWa, and the loud phone talker blabs away.
I, holding the door for whoever.
and in a race, nothing more than elbow brushing, shooting holes, being bumped and passed or pedaling by someone who is suffering more than me.
My friends we are by far the largest number, we are an army, the average army.

and nothing is more average than the new Tokyo Police Club album Champ
here is some of the sly winking goodness

i'm popping the top off another bottle, a small batched brew.  Where an average being like me, watched the bottling machine, and another tapes the box, and a driver drove it down the road, and someone lifted the weight of this bottle and set it on the shelf.   somewhere someone sent electricity to me to keep it chilled.  and many, many, many, in China, made my glass that it is poured in. The hands, finger prints, germs.  I'll savor its taste, and lift the bottle and toast us all.  Be the best average you can be. Cheers!  d.

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