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Sunday's race recap: Go!  hufff, pedal, hufff, no nitro, regular speed, survive, some good peeps yelling "go Dlowe", 4 laps, thanks for the cheers it helped.  Somehow 5th, hit no tress, road clean, didn't quit, good for me.

I read Joe Parkin's book, Come & Gone "A True Story of Blue Collar Bike Racing in America".
A really good read. I picked it up, made it straight through most of the book with a couple of beers, and finished the rest the next day.    Its a cool perspective of racing that I will never see/reach.   I look forward to his next book.   I hope he writes more about the mind set and internal voice that infulenced him to ride/race.
....funny to be jealous of, yearn for the pain, talent, speed, wins, loses and suffern he lived. 

Do you think Paul Weller will be playing at the Team Sky party?
f''n A, they've got a bit of crooked teeth
and bit more style than the rest of the peloton.

Down inside my jumble of wires and pockets of soulfulness and dumbassness there is a Mod element, not much of one, but one that has Seen the Jam, and one that still buys every Paul Weller Album.
What I like most about the Mods, are the frayed edges, the rough and tumble elegant imaturity of an embarassed youth trying to find truth as an adult. whew thats a sentence.

I went out motivated to ride this morn., and I pinched a flat, early on.  I only had one spare tube and just one cartridge.
I thought to myself, "a bit underprepared".  Ride on?  Hell yes, and got a good interval work-out in and taunted the flat devil.

   Hit the farmers market, ..... and the blackberries, ahh the blackberries, rare to my tongue and so very good.
I love fresh produce,fruits, fresh local bread, and you know, a local brewed cold beer or some.  cheers, d.

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