I awake from my sleep some nights, because of this blog, my blog.  Why?   Because I overthink, underwork, regret and scheme.   I am a poor writer,  I write too quick and under-edit my thoughts, my themes. 
Frequently I am embarassed, when I read my past postings.    I keep at it, one of my strongest traits is recognizing my weakess traits.  This is one of them, not that I'll ever get better at it.  So I will muddel on.
and if I give you anything, I hope I give you a bit of motivation to be yourself,  to take a risk, to share yourself with the world. 

Last week while microwaving my brain in the break attempt in the crit, I dreamed of water.  Today it, the rain, hung on my nose, stung my skin on the downhills, and was sweet on the lips.   Today just a bit of riding out on the cross bike. 
I had no plans when I left the house, just not to over do it, gonna race the Mtbike tomorrow.
The pine needles aroma, under the trees, were like the finish of a good beer.  Lingering and with personality.

The woods are very dense, and dark. 

I don't fit very well with my Dad.  Today is his birthday, I love him despite our lack of/challenging of a relationship.
This is a place he would enjoy, so I tried to soak it all in, trying to imagine what it would be like to stand here in his shoes.

I'm nervous.  Nervous anticipation of racing on my mountain bike tomorrow.
Cheers, tonight I have a movie date with my wife and the Duchesse de Bourgogne.  David Lowe


Marc from Human Resources said...

I love this blog.
it's kinda the perfect beautiful blog. artful and just right...

it is the soulfulness that I envy...


d.lowe said...

Thanks, cheers. d.

matt hamm said...

i had a date with the duchess last night. she's two timing me!