I was just walking around the back yard, looking at things.  Dusk was setting in.  Everything was crisp and damp.  We got dumped on good.  The temp. drop from 95-75, its nice to have the doors and windows open listening to the bugs.

I did alot of circles today, doubled up on the crits, 25 + 35 laps,  felt like shit the first race, felt pretty good the second.   ...but I did not hold my arms up in the air in victory....
like the clouds  tonight.
but I did survive.  There was some hard breaking in front of me, some panic, my front wheel gets clipped and  with a super power slide skid, kick out the back tire and looking like one of those dirt track motor bike racing dudes I held her up and did not bounce on the pavement.
Crits are becoming more bumpy.

Yesterday, over on the Plateau, done with my cross work, heading down to fill my bottle at a fountain.  I saw a hawk followed by a small bird.
The little bird landed on the hawks back, and took a ride.
this is what  it looked like:

just a photo I snagged from the web.

grass track starts in 7 days,
bueno nachos!

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