the wind carried me to the stables and the hill before my hill I'd use for todays interval work.
I was pretty charged up and ready to roll.  But I stopped to reinforce my purpose, the intent, to sit and ponder and make sure I put in the best, full, deep effort into these intervals ahead of me.

some songs from the new teenage fanclub's latest, yep I'm a big fan, I have everthing by them.  I tried to listen
sitting on this bench.
I got thur one song, and contemplated one thought; how in riding age does'nt matter.  That I get as much from a younger one, that has no fear, as I do from the most raced season vet. who never panics.
Total time of sit and think, about 2 minutes. then down the hill to the hill.

Intervals can be a funny thing.  I hit the first one, and not 1/2 way in I was in a quitting way.  Thats what makes it a good interval right, wanning to quit?

got the set down.
and the next two.
Now sitting on the porch, sipping a cold coke and listening to.... you know... Stereolab... done and just enjoying the breeze.

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