The tuckers

I enjoy pinning my number.  Just the calm, habitual process.  Today all my energy was conserved to be spent on the bike.
and I spent it all.  Its the first time this year my legs and body could go, and go.  The first race I attacked again and again, close in my attempts, and I think if I would of played my cards a bit differently I'd been in the break. 
The second race, some how a group of us rolled right off the front.  and games started right away, sitting in not pulling, attacking, somehow we got away from the chasing field.  Again I think I played my cards a bit wrong, and ended up killing myself, just head down pedaling lap after lap.  Held on for 11th.  I think the lead group caught the field, and mixed in some lapped riders, I donnaknow. 
as soon as the race ended I made it over to the yard sprinklers and sat in their spray for awhile.
I'll call it a real good day, good to have some legs and guts, and I learned alot.

Those tuckers came over to our seats to do some Faith no More partying with us.
Last night Ant, George and I road over to the show.  We sat on the bench, with cold Hop Devil and enjoyed a great night.
I don't know why it took me so long to take advantage of this nice venue, will be there many nights in the future.  A short ride and sipping some cold beers, listening to music outdoors.  

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