is Like twisting a knob.  one with a pointer, from zero to 10.  Not so much a volume knob.  More of a selector.    It took me a long time to realize that, my hand, twisted it.  Sure, most of the numbers, don't have any signal, nothings there, yet.   Most the time it all works well.  sometime it craps out.   I've got the old school, the kid pain, the adult, work, bike, wife.  What can come out my amplifier, is loud and distorted.   It vibrates the beer bottles off the stage.  It drives you back a step, when the volumes hits ya, full in the face.    Now a days, I keep it set, the out put, pretty clean, quiet.                      ....can't deny whats inside.

                           OFF!-  crawl

Sat.  above photo, Jonny Brendas George K.   Stornoway, excellent show, a top 5er. 
Sun.  Picked up lots of trash at the Belmont trails.  anti-vamping it.

caught up, naaw, just spinning the wheels.  Peel out, dlowe.

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