Dragons Milk

there is a whole fucking world out there.    Its really big.  We are less than a speck, a really,  really, tiny, small, microscopic, puny, speck.

I ate two 25cent yams for dinner.  Scrubbed and poked and put into the oven, 375 degrees, for 1 hour.
Just a pad of butter, and delightful.
I got out for a ride.   SS mtb, Wissahickon.  The snow, light dander. nippy out, chilled to the phalanges.    The ground, zoom.  Hard and really fast.  No one on the trails but me. 

I'm driving a bit extra to shop down here, but I like it. 
bought the yams, some beer, and other stuff.   The old ladies in front of me, in line at the scanner, didn't speak a lick of english.  but We flirted just a bit.  A blue collar crust, with a small  pompous overtone of Le Bus crusty bread and  beer, some really good beers by the the bottle, six packs to buy at not PA to go $$$.  Mostly ethnic, harder, very polite people, not common in Philly.  The polite.  I feel in place at this outta place place.      I shall hold the door open for you, and tip my hat, cheers, David.

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