in the Glut

very proper recovery days for me, not over indulging, but, yes, indulging.  I've learned to deal with my family, I've made some really good friends, I've got some good lungs and legs so I can get in some nice rides.  I don't need too much money to find some interesting foods, coffee, cakes, beers and breads.
I missed a ride with friends today.

but was able to join another.

I've been following Mr. Dalai Lama on tweeter, just maybe trying to pick up a little insight. and like the headless Buddha statue that I use to ride past, he has, in an indirect way, taught me something. Not to be afraid of stress, and  not to worry about seeking out peace. That life is not the act of being good or bad. We all have different thresholds, of pain, love, how much beer you can hold. and that threshold is in a constant flux, its never the same.

I really think that Thee Holiness should swing his leg over the top tube and give cyclocross a shot. Why? He looks flabby. He needs to crawl into the cliched "pain cave" for a bit, to take an elbow and be put into the tape.

cyclocross, the bicycle, funny to say, i think has really made me a happier person. Cheers, the not thee holiness, dlowe.

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