a bit early to be a bit stir crazy, just a tad I was today.
a bit of crazy Scratch, good for the long bike mix:

                      thee LEE SCRATCH PERRY yee ha ha ha

I've been riding, the colds been fine, the wind, fine too.   and I find just tooling around Belmont, where it always feels warmer, does me fine too.

I found this haul on clean up day, trash? relic?
and just tooling about the park its hard to imagine that this overgrown bit of land was quite used, thousands of people used this park, the trolley, and on the edge, over by the twisty bits trail Woodside Park.

there was a bike racing track, but I've searched in vain to find anything out about it.
Its all gone. 

My wife had a  tough work day yesterday,
so I gave her her christmas present

      an evil eye bracelet, toward off the evil spirits.  She came home today in a fine chipper mood.

Shes not in training, but she does love her oats and was quite happy to see the Free package that "Bob" sent me,  I feel a bit like the cool kids.
if you sign up, "Bob" will send you some,  tweet about how sweet it is when it arrives, ha, you'll be a cool kid.   


rock steady, dlowe.

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