lost: toe covers

firts: Unbunny, Young men are easy prey.

I lost my toe covers.

Out on the cross bike, lower trails were flood by  the river.  I made the trek through the long, dark, train tunnel.  When I stopped to take a leak on the other side, I notice somewhere back there, in the dark tunnel, they came off.    Oh well.

The fox stopped by this morning. 

The other day riding in Belmont, I sat on the old Train platform and looked out over the land where Woodside Amusement park stood.  Done in by the Auto, people going on road trips.
Now stands this big apartment building.

Saturday Night was the Holiday ride.
Sunday was a bit of a wash,    ....................this girl, booze, watch out, she'll do you in.

I'm a bit of a wreck, without my toe covers,  Happy Holidays, d.

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