Hard Case.

I'm hard.  I'm lucky, hard is good, yea.  I switched my tyres up on the road bike, bit slower rolling, but (i hope) less flatting.

I saw these dudes, these dudes that changed the face of music, they brought  it on, punk stepping across the line and became something credible,... in a basement.  Playing next to a washer and dryer, some place in W. Philly.


Ten days of Indulgence begins for me, started this afternoon.  Just checking out facebook, and then, whatcha know out riding with Woody and Warren at the Wiss.  
Tonight I'm dipping into an IPA and headed over to Narberth to take George out for his Birthday.  Tron 3-d.
I'm running across old friends in my recent jaunts, last night it was Grips night out.   Saw Ed, hes not a grip, but he saw me drinking, and came over and we chatted it up,  must of been 5 or 6 years since I last spoke to him.  twas very nice.  That and coming across, my long time friend Vincent on the Holiday ride, me all drunk, rambling on to his girl about life. 

Its to easy, this good life, and I'm really not going to fight, the next 10 days, I think that's fair, are mine.  10 days of indulgence.

Have a Fucking Great Holiday!  Cheers, dlowe.

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