Wings of Desire

HhV.5 from David Lowe on Vimeo.

a tripod does so much, I got mine for 14.99 at target. shot on a flip, just mashed by the computer.
sure I've got a ways to go, but I see some stuff I like and the rest, just in the barrel, or onto the floor.
Its hard, I love to race, to be in the pit. to be prepping in the tent, to be shooting video, and just enjoying the racing with a beer in my hand and screaming as you ride by.    Damn,...  and enjoying it all with my friends, my competitors. 

Granogue, oh granogue.... I sing your praise, bring it on baby...
Ls'ville, you young 'en, I'll try my hand on yaa, as you play crack the whip,  I'll try to climb up  the swinging tail.  I'd love to stand on the podium one day at a USGP.
Beacon, that's just pain, I'll pedal as fast as I can. and AS my eyes roll back into my head, I'll hop back on my bike and try to catch you or pull away.

 its been one weekend without cross racing and I'm standing on my rocking chair trying to drain a growler.

cheers, d.

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