I'm home from L'ville, and the "big time"  USGP race.   I got to thinking about the Soul of cross, what got me thinking was watching all the kids racing, a lot of kids racing.   They've been given the skills, the equipment, but how in life do you give the Style or Soul of what I feel is cross, to them?   I guess that's why I write.  Life should be full of personality, not imitated, manufactured, posers shit.    I can't help myself.

and the world of blogs, webs, twits, videos, and even paper magazines. (still  prefer the real thing, like Cyclocross Magazine.)   can water down, or enlighten, this cross racing nation.

What cross has going for it, is that it is hard, and most of us lose, repeatedly.   I came 18th sat. and 28th sun.  I looked for some consolations, found none.  I got beat by faster, more motivated racers. Period.

I rode yesterday, my big loop, and I felt stronger than ever.  The climbs I powered up, when I hit the single track I just whipped the bike, not thinking.   3hrs of riding.   Racing makes me faster and a better bike rider.
Isn't that important?  Sure I've got my training intervals and  shit, but most of the time on the bike is this "riding" time.  

Style:  Penguin or Perry?

the American

 or the Mod?
I suspect we will see Team Sky (I'm liking their style and speed), them English blokes, be outfitted by Fred P.  when they are off the bikes, next year.   and why not?  Bike racers are the right build for the clothes.  Thin, gangly.   

      my choice?  maybe one of each, .... but mostly I like t-shirts and jeans.

but  I might be ordering something from Fred P. from the Amy Winehouse collection for my wife. 

speak your mind especially when you r drunk or been drinking lots of coffee, and you can't hold it in or edit.

shit, dlowe.

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