With this being a no race weekend, my mind is haphazard and all directionless.  Quite disjointed.  It is also very alive and cantankerous.  Smiling inside, to itself, making me jab my finger into the ribs of my friends, and people who've I've come in association with.  A bit cruel, but I chuckle.

The work week ended with a nice Greenscreen shoot.

                   Overhead diffusion, bounce board, flags, sandbags,  the basic tools of my trade.

 Done with the job a bit early, gave a treat feel to the day, and it was hard to stop myself from adding more bottles to the shopping cart.

Nothing specific cross wise, but I was provoked by a Fred Carrot. Gave chase, and passed.
as I came back around the hole blurred into view.
all I thought of was don't case it, and up and over in the air, I cleared it.

To marchianos, to get phillies-ed up.
They are selling shirts from a card table in front of the shop for $5.
Got one for Anthony and met him for a beer,
We cleared our heads of some of the real cantankerous problems in our current lifes.
Cheers'ed and each of us headed on our way home to watch the game.

I rode back to the hole I jumped, to take its picture. 
I was disappointed, it was a gap, but very ride-able, there was no need for me to jump it.

cheers, I'm keeping my hands on the back of the world and trying to push it forward,  a pawl.
your pawl, d.lowe

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