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Workout:  Standing Hill repeats 3 sets x 5 @ 30 seconds.   I picked the cobbles.  This short  type of interval is hard for me to ride with good form.   Riding the cobbles makes "form" the all important aspect of this workout.  The rough uneven surface of the cobbles, jostles the bike.  The wheels skip, spin, its hard to keep steady, fast traction.  This challenge makes body positioning/balance more pronounced.  I concentrate on  driving the bike into the ground, keeping the rear wheel in contact.   Ass back a bit, but still pulling on the bars, with the back, arms and core, driving down and forward, a complete use of the body workout.   

Here is a link to an interesting article about doping:

A great interview with Mr. Cave, I've had some of his new band Grinderman's music up recentlly:  

It was a All the Mod Cons playlist in my head during my workout, Watch:

part II:

watch the rest when you get a chance there on you tube.

Fall, its the most pleasent time of year.
Beer tonight? You bet, how bout a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye.

Ann I'm all about Raw Power!
Cheers, dlowe.

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