Safe Word

you Miss Queen, Madame Granogue Cyclocross race, you and only you are my dominatrix. 
 tomorrow I'd like to wake, dress in a well worn Linen suit and Just sit on my porch in a rocking chair with  A tall glass of some kind of spirits and pass all the day.
its not everyday you walk a hill and come over the crest to a poised scene.
thank you all, as much for the racing and great weekend, but also, more so, for the candid laughter, and good natured camaraderie, that I eves dropped from you and the Granogue air.

                                                                      xxoo     d.lowe


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beverages, food, conversation and new desktop image.

d.lowe said...

Cheers, Nice to have you fast guys driving the pace up.

Anonymous said...

Shut up bike fag.