neil young from Le Noise

sufjan stevens from Age of Adz

there is a magic that comes over me, a spell of some sorts.  When I used to listen to music, I'd be sitting in a dark room, a light or two on, late at night, with headphones on.   Studying something, the album, a fanzine, or just staring out the window.

I'd stare into the picture, look at the clues, embed the vibe.

so much of me is instant gratification, cross, beer, music, food,... all good, all stimulants aimed at something inside me, seeking a spot to land and explode.

The amount of stimulus that I bring into my life, what I've sought out,  immense.  But somehow my life seems simple.  My world seems small.

One of the best nights of this year was dozing of in a church pew listening to Hope Sandoval sing
Sitting in church with Anthony and George drinking a cheep six pack, pulling cans from a brown bag.

I'll listen to Neil and Sufjan tongiht.
maybe just sit in a chair

Ha! dlowe.

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