I've got scratch

I've made my La Columbe, this morning I don't have those bombastic, flamboyant words.
I just searching through my pockets for a bit of spare change,and I don't have much left.
Maybe, like, 13cents.

I know that each race, brings its own style and kind of pain.
This course, L'ville's USGP course, its not right.
Despite all the a glow about "worlds" coming here.
It needs some tweaking, some more land.

but I race,
today only the strongest will survive.

yesterday was a reminder of how human I am
what I really had in my legs.
Started 18th, ended 18th

I'm sitting at that little table on the left, tapping my fingers to the sound of Stornoway, its dark, the room smells like strong sweet coffee.    To the lobby, to fill up on cheap, free hotel food.     Today I'll start 24th,  I'll aim for 18th as a finish.  Cheers, dlowe.

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