Two to Go!

as much as I think,  I tell what I think, very little.
I keep my thoughts to myself, and that, for 99% of the time, is the right thing to do.
but maybe not today,

I love the seedy parts of Philadelphia, they are not hard to find.

  The Kinks - "alt version- Lola"

I was feeling good this chilly day,  wearing my warm kit, and pedaling about, with just a few drops of rain, and nowhere to be, nothing I had to do.

I always like to hit up Belmont on the way,  but I have to say....  that it don't work,  outlining the trails with sticks, logs and branches,  its like riding in a coloring book,  and its anti-negative-disruptive to the flow,-not cool.      Just let the small trails be,  they have never been too wide, nope, they sorta dis-appear, with overgrowth.  I'm not sure where and why this OCD prevails, but I avoid riding Belmont cause of all the twigs, and such, placed along the edge of the single track. 

Reston is this weekend, and I wish all the other old men I love racing against were going to be there. I am still a bit just a wee bit off, but this race should put me back on,  and I plan to give Limestone 100%.   I don't want to end the season with not kicking as much ass as I can,  no matter how little ass that I kick really is. 

I found out Mr. Fatmarc's ex-hot girlfriend's name,   its Lola,  ain't that strange, I wondered whats going on.

I want to see Featherman, and Hebe, Fatmarc, Fergy, and all my oldmen friends,  I don't want the season to end,  I want to hear the gruffman Lux's opinion,  to race the bikeline fellows.  Wantta beat on Mr. Joe,  Ray, and all the dudes,  come on out and play,  Reston is a great course, its a real cx course,  with rain all day Saturday and into the night.   A chilly temp sunday.  Fucking it's cyclocross,  lets do it. 

"Two to go"

cheers racers,  dlowe. 

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