office partys

blinkey this year sorta comes as an office party
not too many locals,  a bunch did,  signed up to race, and a lot of riders from outside the local.
it will be nice to watch the out-town yahoo's go at it,
it'll entertain.
its been pretty grand the last couple of years
I race it some years,
some years I go for a mountain bike ride and miss it

xmas cx & mtb follies has rolled on a long number of nontraditional years
its the best
a good race,  really good one to do
I picked #3 and pinned it to my plain black wind jacket
put the SSCX bike up against a tree
Mountain bikes, titanium, beaters, cx, gears, utility ones
we lemans started
I never get the hole shot
I race in spurts to make sure I go hot, rile past some one some time during the race
make a bit of a risky move,  hit something fast, get a bit of air,  hope I don't crash

its good
the company store is laid out
beers, funny named liquors, food,
Prizes great prizes that are given for whatever reasons,  how you finished, best crash, dealers choices.

off season, is off to the best start



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