Cheers 2014!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Breathless"

I've read books on mythology, WWI, the spirit of Art,  more Rockwell Kent,  the brain
some history, music, poems of Bukowski
                                                myles patrick
                          junk yard cx
                              SScx misty rain ride by the wiss.

I took lots of photos, and have had plenty of dreams,
lots of days of work, good days a many
seen old time latern slides at the Wagner,  some art openings,  a couple dozen bike races,
pleasant nights falling asleep next to my wife
and today just out on a solo road ride.

and I was thinking, loads of time to think on a long slow ride.
I was thinking about, how all this stuff pulls together,
good beer/wine, food, cooking, learning,
the amazing feeling of being lifted by fine music.

I miss racing cx,  riding today I wanted to race.
but really I knew,  it wasn't the racing I missed,
it was the joy of the effort,  and giving a good effort,
I'm always missing the moment of waiting in the grid, to start the race,
the change
in me, when the light turns green.

to 2015
Cheers, dlowe

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