God's Pocket

It's taken me a bit of time to figure it out,
Home is nothing more than a place that you want to call your own,
and protect,
Its yours,
you ever go into a locals only bar,
like you need a beer, drinks, booze as much as everyone else there
and you get head turns and eye balls and you might get now cause its too late
do something or not you'r going to get punched in the face
all the kids were getting out of school, taking their time to cross Chelten ave.  Germantown.
none of 'em had any or much german in them
I waited wanting to turn right, and turned, drove past the gallery, it really looked dark
no lights on,
but I still parked in the funky lot
and went to the door to see what was up
wed. 1-6
it should be open,
I turned the knob and it opened
it was open,  and the kind gallery lady said the electric was out
and I bought the nice little one in the corner

"Strummer"  is now mine.
we bought our first house in roxborough back in 1990,  and we got some stink eye from some of the young locals on our street.  
I like the two step down, Alex pizza.   I got two.   and a bit of stink eyed from the dude killing time.
the local.

my dream of a portrait spot has not lapsed,
seems going back to roxborough might hold some promise,
I saw a space but I don't know, "is it worth it?"
I have no idea, and its a lot of $$$,  jeeze.
if the apartments can cover the mortgage, it'd work.
the 1st floor space is perfect and derelict.
It'd make a good spot for a record player, fridge of beer, and some bad ass portrait works.
the one on the left.

I'll try.  I'll look into it.   There is a bar on the corner right across the street,  might as well and go in and see my luck.

the art, Cal Schenkel @ the IMPeRFCT Gallery.
  1. Cal Schenkel (born January 27, 1947) is an artist specializing in album cover design. He was the main visual collaborator for Frank Zappa and was responsible for the ...
     2.  God' Pocket a novel by Pete Dexter   
"GOD'S POCKET" is adapted from the book of the same name by former Daily News columnist Pete Dexter, and arrives 30 years after events that inspired the story.
Which involved Dexter getting beaten half to death by a group of folks who didn't care

roxoborough's not too rough now,  its soft,  never really as bad as some of the worst spots, and,... as the crazies have died or gotten to fat to care,  no one cares who calls it home.

cheers, dl

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