buzzed killed

I went to sleep with a lot of energy.
much like going to bed before the first cross race.
and as I drove
up the turnpike
I turned more dower
and by the end of racing
I was sulking
It was a good race,  a tough course, and all went well
we had a good field of riders
the largest lot
of the day
I had good beer, a dark and hardy stout to share
while we chatted after the race
I missed the ones who did not make it
I'll miss this season
It was full
of a
bunch of wonderful
race days.

I cleaned up
unpacked, and stored away
put the pedals from the "a" bike back on the mountain bike
and went for a ride on it today

I'd like to think this season of racing made me a bit better of a person,  that,  it'll make me grow
a bit stronger,

onward with a smile and snort, a hoof to the dirt, digging in, with heart
and I wish a bit more brains
I look forward,  to next year, now.

Thanks friends for being such strong and formidable foes!
to Cyclocross!

cheers, dlowe

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