Nature Boy

A few years back during a cold winter, a opossum would creep onto the front porch, stumbly drunk as they'd walk.  We'd leave a bit of dry cat food out for him.
On came a good cold snap and that night I saw opossum laying by the food.
I took a towel, and picked up the pretty non-moving body.
Put him in the little access room we had to warm up.
We'd look in, to check up, he seemed happy and alive.
His little toes curled as I rubbed the pink bottoms of his feet.

Nature Boy is not a long segment,  just up from the river, a way to get to the Wissahickon.

                           dusk comes quick

We took the opossum to the wildlife center on the edge of this nice patch of nature.
We found out that the opossum was a girl, we named her Virginia.
opossums don't like the cold.
they like the southern climate.

I'm healed up and got the OK to ride hard.
It's two races left for me now in this racing season.
Wonderful Reston.

Nature Boy is one of my favorites segments.

Virginia lived for a about a year longer up at the Schuylkill Wildlife Center,  she liked to be held, always had a full stomach and warm place to sleep.
Cheers, dlowe

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