The Female Gaze

   I looked for quite a while at the above photograph, by Diane Arbus.   It was in the show I went to see today in a small gallery, empty except for me and the prints, at Haverford College.  I went to see the Dorothea Lange, the famous print,  Florence Thompson, and her two children,  The Migrant Mother.   The antibiotics have started to work on my arm, and the redness is shrinking.  No riding, no riding the long annual Thanksgiving ride this year.  I think I should be out on the bike Friday.  I plan to take the opportunity to make the best of this really grand cyclocross racing year.  To take it right to the end, December 14th Limestone CX.  It is important to me to train hard, or rest right,  to not lose concentration at this ending late stage of the season.  To see it through.    Photos @ Haverford: The Female Gaze.

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