I go bit by our cat yesterday morning,  He, Pascal was riled up by a cat sitting on the other side of the door, outside looking in.   I tried to shoo Pascal away,  but he spooked and chomped my right fore-arm.

This morning my arm was red, infected.   Of to the ER.  Got some IV antibiotics, a prescription for more, and luckly sent on my way.    
A couple of instructions,  don't do strenuous stuff, and keep your arm elevated above your heart.

Its 70 degrees out today.
I had plan to get a mini end of the season training block of 10 days of nice riding.
get some fitness pep back into the legs for Limestone CX,
and I love Reston, maybe if the weather looks good do Reston too, on 12/7
Its a great course and staying at the sweet suites hotel, with a bike path next to it,  just a few minutes from the course makes it a good race trip.

Yesterday racing went well,  12th, got a good jump and sat 5th wheel for the 1st 1/3 of the lap and dropped back to my battle and I am happy to say I rode hard, smart, hard, as hard and as smart as I could.      

                                            photo: Anthony Hennessy
                                           photo;  Dennis Smith

keeping my chin tucked like a boxer and my fingers away from the brakes

please a bit more CX...
cheers racers, dlowe

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