"hey Rubber Legs,   Get up the hill!"
day two of racing,  Sunday at Stoudts Cx.
John Lux was prompting my ass, to get a moving,
It did not move any faster so he passed.
Stoudts CX was not the best race course,  they had to put a lot into a little.
I loved it anyway.

I saw Trevor , as we were coming on to the straight he was on,  we could see him,
the chase group I was in.
"Trevor,  we're coming for you"  I yelled.
Racing Saturday at Swashbucklers CX.
I like a lot of the course, but am not quite fond enough of quite a bit of it.
If it weren't a MAC race,  I'm not sure I'd make the drive to race it.
Our group caught Trevor,  and we raced,  sneaking a pass in a corner,
coasting into the pavement uphill and drilling it.
Gapping an yo yo-ing each other,  a blast!
Trevor got the group,  and the group got me too, as I finished at the tail end of it.

Frickn,  I'm trying to keep my shit together.  Me I am doing well, sleeping as much as I can, and training as much as I can,  and I've dropped a few pounds.
Believe me I want to have a sassy smart mouth out there, and I need some legs to back it up.
I like the yapping, during racing.
As much as it hurts it always cracks me up.

I gotta get my ragged shit rolling,  my bikes, tires, it all needs some love, I'm just nursing it on, and we got a lot of season to go, and I can't wait for the next races, Fairhill and SlyFox. I still need to steal a corner from you. and.....  "dude keep on his wheel,  you drunk, we are all back here are counting on you."

cheers, I Heart Cross.  dlowe.

a lonely place

photo: Stephan Kincaid

bring back your blog,  I miss it.

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