with a little effort, I was behind Fergy, I could of closed the ten foot gap he'd opened on me.
I thought maybe of saying, shouting up to him something,
or. just rubbing him into a number of post scraping him down the tape.

                                                        went to the art opening at PAFA

                                               took my good friend G. Klimi.
                                           stopped at a bar afterwards,  talked good.

                                             picked up a leaf, and a Zoey Strauss book.

zero feet of elevation.  Kutztown CX.

G. Fergy really did not have to ride to hard to get around me or drop me.    I felt his shoulder, a soft weight come into me, and steer me, carry me out,  farther, from the apex, into the tape, and into the stake.  I was off course.  He road on.

work today kept me from racing, and there are only a precious few races left.
Yesterday 17th.   I am now a binge cross racer,  in over my head on the weekends,  totally committed to doing my best to do myself in.

ah I've got nothing against Fergy,  I like him,  he's the best guy that's every put me into the tape, hard.

Cheers,   MORE CX!


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