cross racers, at least the old bloaks I race and the locals/team mates I ride with are pretty,
tough, fast, skilled,  they beat me up, stomp on me, smile at me while we suffer on.

I'm whooped,

cross is not any brand, or style,  my reward is to be part of it, participating or sharing, or putting together a good ride, hitting up a new ride.  Riding out on my own. Grasstrack,  Waterice, Spooky,  even a way, the early 3 stage Phila. spring classic, is why I race and ride.

I hit the ground once, and had two, strange mechanicals racing this weekend.

there is majestic land,  open land filled with trails,  a great outdoor space, close by, in Maryland/DE.
The race 1st State Velo at Fairhill,  is a grand grand good one.
The course is perfect, long, good for large #of racers to be out on the course at the same time.
and the best features of the rolling land, is built into the course.
spoiled as we in the MAC are,  just another primo course, a well put on race, that I just show up and ride, and have a blast.

out west of the city is a clan of riders,  really skilled, good drinkers, with the right attitudes.
They took the land around a brewery, Slyfox, the brewery opened up and made it a party, and a great day was had.

a bombing dirt downhill into a cx racers dream of a run-up

the course, its short, tight, and features rare features of some tough riding, and the run up in the woods.
not a course for large fields of racers,  but with the numbers dropping off towards the end of the season, perfect for our 45 man field.

                                       photo: Jennifer Jackson Sears

I have a bit of a luxury,  I'm not in the top end of the field, so I race to compete, against myself and whatever group I land in.
Both days I gave it my all, we beat on each other,

                                         photo: Jennifer Jackson Sears

I'm tired, a  bit bruised, but with an off day today, some nice spinning out the legs tomorrow,
next weekend I should be chippy and ready to elbow, chop, and drop my competors.

I saw that Rapha put on a CX ride,   I question, The very esquire $$$ riding apparel,  is a bit au contraire, to the nature of the "Real" cx rider? don't worry about rapha,  its a brand, a bussiness.
just ride out your door,  look around each time your out there,  make a  loop, of the segments, add a flow, fly over the map on google and find the hidden connectors, invite some friends, or make it an open call
or just enjoy by yourself.  The cross bike gives me a freedom,  its really nice to be out, riding somewhere, beat urban or pretty,   and look over my shoulder, from an old access road and see the traffic lined up,  snarled on the highway.

I am ready for my cyclocross,  bring on the end of the season.
Go Ride!

thanks for putting on some great races this weekend, bros and sis's.


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