I got up early, with another day off.  I went out to do a workout on the CX bike.
Mostly a ride, with just a small, four, uphill hard efforts added in.

went to see the Paul Strand show, got the chimney flu cleaned out, and out to a show with friends.
and took some pictures along the way.

I was overwhelmed by the number of photographs.   About 24 prints into viewing, of the aprx. 250 prints, and my mind,  the real small part of the brain I have, that takes Art in. was full  The Paul Strand show, its huge,  and the prints are very good.
As much as I analize my efforts and think about how, why, I ride my bike.
I did the same effort to the photographs.   Thinking.   My brain had the heavy legged feeling of not being able to keep up,  to dig deep and put in another complete full effort.
I labored on completing the effort.   I was enjoyed,  to make it.  A bit proud, and really, toughing it out, it was needed.  I need a good kick in the Ass to get my photographing going better.

In the mean time,  Arthur Gorka sent me a link, that makes good cheap prints, easy to do, order on line.   I'm getting prints of photos I like,  and thanks to you my friends, I have a lot to choose from.
Some of you have a real talent, your photographs have quality, merit, I enjoy.  Thanks, after the fact.

Kathleen Fite Wulfkuhle:

Allan Rodzinski:

cheers, dlowe.

Paul Strand 

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