harder, faster, better CX

I always wondered to myself,  how does a band,  a musician, conjure up the spirit, energy, and true artistic output, that you want to see,  when they stand on a stage and the room,  it's not quite full, nope, it's on the pretty empty side?

This is what I want to do,  to race cross.

                                 photo: d. Smith -  Re-kitting up for Whirlybird.

and I'm suffering, as all cross racers do,  I'm digging deep.

and wrangling all out of me that I can.

I want to be faster, fitter,  a bit thinner too.

as much as I suffer, wallow,
I so much long for cross. 
Especially in March.

Dudes,  Keep your foot on the pedal,  go fast,  and ride smooth.
I'll chase, and spit and despise you for being in front of me, faster.

I'll hang on the best I can.   
but really,  Well done,  thanks for the beatings.

I race cross.
I must do my best.

an under attended but fantastic show Friday night,  with soul man Mike "the truth" Watt and the Italian bandmates "il sogno del marinaio".

il sogno del marinaio - "Zoom"

Mike Watt

Whirlybird was great, mud, and I could smell the waffles as I raced.

HPCX.  it  should just be one day.  but don't change a thing,  a brutal fun lap.

West Chester  CX,   you keep getting better, and hard and fast.

Cheers brothers and sisters!

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