I don't know if you know what a fanzine is,  I remember them with a keen fondness.
Hand made,  copies xeroxed scammed at Kinkos.  Picked up in various places,  the best spot to find a good fanzine, the cool record store.

blogs sorta fill in that spot for me

there are no editors, owners or advertises running blogs.
It is one thing that, does not, have anything to do with money.   They have no worth

some blogs last a couple of postings,  some a couple of years,  and some you get to count on like fatmarcs,  its so nice to see,  A New Post,  and you dive into it,

Its hard not to have a hard copy of this stuff,
blogs end up being a fortune cookie,
crack it open, read, sorta relate, or maybe it don't make any sense at all.
eat the cookie, too,  done with dinner, go for a ride,  on with life, maybe even a small thought later about what the cookie meant.

Today, is about my future,  I'm looking for a building to buy or a space to rent.
I don't know what I am doing, but I want to be a portrait photographer.  Not as a job.
As a fine artist.
I don't want to make a penny.   I have a good job I love.
What I am trying to do?   I don't know, not emulating something,  just following a whim,
A strong whim,  and I don't care where it takes me.

I liked this building, but I pedaled past and about 1 1/2 blocks up is the HQ of an motorcycle gang,
a real bad ass stab you in the head type of thugs.

I want urban, and BIG, I don't care about run down.  I love the Parkside area of Philly.

fanzines were political, musical, just fucking full of personality.

there's a old building with a big personality out there waiting for me.

see you at Whirlybird!

cheers, dlowe.

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Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

thanks for the shout out dave!

love blogs, reading them, writing them.. all good stuff...