It Should Be.

Cross is Awesome.
for a short time a race consumes you,  30, 45, 60 minutes.
Good legs, Bad legs, fat, bad bike handler,
smart tactical racer.  Just the strongest and fastest.
You crash, or get chopped in the corner.
and run/ride to the pit.
If you are racing well, no doubt there will be sometime during the race where you drool.

Saturday we set up the course, in a nice big park, and we all try to make the most of the park.
Its surprising how quick it goes,  presto, we kit up and ride and check out our work.

we all grab a tool and the big buckets of posts,  I gravitate towards the bridge cornfield section.
the old line was rutted,  and despite the low bramble the good line looked like it now road to the left.
we got busy and cleaned it.    I left for a bit and was happy to see an unexpected treat.  Two logs steps added to the fast uphill.

photo: Steve Thum     It road really well.

I had great legs, and got a good start and was in the ten front riders.  we hit the fast jogging path, and I just shifted down and went, blowing by Mr. DeLuxx,  and right to the back of the top group.
I soon rolled my rear tire,  old aging glue gave way.   I worked a bit got it back on the rim, road to the pit,  found another group and we fought hard all the way to the line.  14th.  Happy for sure!

why is cyclocross important?
Its my race, my choices, to cheat, to chop wheels, to encourage a foe to kick my ass more.
I try to, apply this to life,  to dig in, bury myself in something I love. fail and laugh.
enjoy a beer with my friend/enemies.

After my race I sold t-shirts and I got to chat with Featherman,  and we talked about our races, and european racing, and I tried to talk him into going to Nationals,  at least put the seed of thought into his head.
to the Young Featherman.

the last race of the day is the SScx race.  I got a number, put pedals on the bike,  Took off from the line hot.  Went hard,  a 4 lap race.  wiped out cooking it in a corner leading the 3rd lap.  raced with three dudes for 4th and took the sprint.   It was grand.

Cheers, CYCLOCROSS!  dlowe.

Cheers Crossasaurus Awesome!

we still have some t-shirts left it you wanna buy a small memory.

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