Clear Comfort

Alice's World.
when Alice saw Clear Comfort forlorned, aged, herself riddled with arthritis, in poor state of health and wealth, she cried

The story book,  "Alice's World: The Life and Photography of an American Original, Alice Austen, 1866-1952"


tintype by Melissa Cacciola

Linear.  Non-linear thinking.   The tintype.  Gopro.  Lonnie Holley.  Singlespeed cyclocross racing.

I got the email hyping the new gopro camera.   I watched the incredible video.  Of scenes of hugging lions, jumping off peaks, swimming with a whale in the sea.

I layed in bed this morning and worried a bit about my imagination.   The importance to have a quest, to make a discovery. 

Our world, mine at least, is in bloom.
I realize that I am a lucky one.  That at this point in time, that my world, is expansive, and for the most part I am truly free,  I am smart enough to play by the rules, or manipulate them, avoid,  or operate un-detected

tintype by Melissa Cacciola

on Lonnie Holly.
I love listening to Bill Callahan's music.
Lonnie Holley is opening for Mr. Callahan.  In Philly and as I've said,  up in Providence.  by chance, I'll be there also.  Racing my SS Friday afternoon, then sitting in a beautiful theatre to enjoy the show.
Lonnie Holley
Is a special performer.  much like ....., 
a conciseness streamer, of his soul,  current life,  using the large obvious social influential aspects,  the things that just have come about in large forms,  touching our dense large population.

The tintype.
A show up at the Alice Austen House.   Just to stand in that house would be an experience for me.
and that it still stands, and that she and her photographs were remember, and forgot and remember again.

Ms. Austen at her home:

I guess its what I needed to go with my morning coffee today,    A thought to rattle about in my head, to obsess over a bit, as I tinker on my SS bike and prep for my trip.  As I think of questions to ask Lonnie, if by chance, my Facebook message gets through, makes sense, and I meet him tonight.

Its nice to write about the future, and I look forward to finishing this story, writing from the memories of tonight.

from The New York Times: Lens.
Melissa Cacciola speaks. (I did cut and rearrange the words to make the statement that I wanted)
“Why do I think tintypes are so powerful.....these objects were might have been the only portrait of someone is haunting....kept close...might be all you have of someone far away or gone"    ".....Can we really say that about an photo?”....

....“I’ve never seen anything like them. Ever"...

ah, how I wish I could take this in, yes, it is something that I want to see,.... I know, that I like this feeling, yearn,  that maybe, its better to imagine them.
Not see them.   Well I don't have to worry about that.   if I'd step in the door, see them hanging on the walls.  Walk up stand in front of them and peer.  Absorbing.  

my book, how I learned about Alice, my empty coffee cup, time to start the day
Its one of a few books I'd want to always have and keep,  one I love to read over and over again.
Everytime, it pulls me in so deep, that I've forgot that I've read it before.

Cheers, dlowe.

  to Alice!
iPhone photo illustrations by Mr. DLowe!

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