I don't think there is anything more annoying in life than being uninspired.
I'm enjoying my days,  riding, good beers, home.
The worst days of my life,  are really pretty spectacular.
Even just sitting on the door stoop to our house, looking out.
The wind, leaves, oak aged beer.
Its good.

I've been riding the old Free Spirit set up as a cx ss machine.   got out for a nice ride in the cool day, drizzle.

I always ignored Liz Phair.    Its come to me now, the love of this album, "exile it guyville"

somewhere in her lyrics I heard  Liz say she is sitting in seat 27d,  and wanting to be in a Galaxy 500 video.  (stratford-on-guy)

Liz Phair - "Stratford-on-Guy"

One of the last mosquitos of summer flew poorly by, circled and landed on my bicep.
I let him bite, and fill his old body.  It took a bit.
He looked up, full.  Could hardly fly.
Managed to stagger away.


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